Craig Carl

Delivering Solutions that Delight Customers


Experienced Engineering and Product Leader focused on delivering solutions that delight customers. Expertise in identifying customer requirements and reducing time to market. Focused on reducing delivery costs and increasing direct and drag-along revenue. Experience owning the entire life-cycle of multiple products. This includes collecting customer requirements, designing and delivering minimal-viable-product and evangelizing at both market and customer specific levels. Track record of leveraging customer feedback to iterate on and improving product. Inventor with 6 issued patents.

Work Experience

Director, Oracle Compute Infrastructure Engineering

Oracle | 2016 - 2019

Built and managed multiple teams delivering Oracle’s 2nd Generation IaaS solution, OCI. Designed and delivered multiple products focused on short time to market and driving usage. I joined prior to the public release of OCI and managed teams in the Product Management and Compute Engineering groups. Focused on hiring and developing strong individual contributors.

  • Oracle Cloud with VMware, a native VMware solution on Bare Metal Compute.

  • Oracle Resource Manager, an orchestration that drives a significant percentage of IaaS usage.

  • The Bring Your Own Image program used by 1000’s of enterprise customers to migrate legacy solutions to OCI.

  • Updatable Instance Metadata, a security solution that played a major part in winning large government workloads.

Principal Cloud Specialist

Centurylink | 2015 - 2016

Worked directly with customers to architect large scale solutions that drove consumption of the IaaS and related Centurylink products;

  • A large gaming platform that supports millions of simultaneous players. Solution combined Centurylink IaaS, Edge Compute and ultra-large scale bandwidth offerings.

  • Twitter Firehose ingestion and analysis that delivered real time analytics to downstream customers.

VP of Product Management

Zadara | 2014 - 2015

At Zadara Storage I set the Storage as a Service product road map, defined new solutions and expanded functionality that changes the way enterprises acquire storage. Significantly improved per-customer spend, expanded the inbound funnel and reduced customer acquisition costs.

ISV Ecosystem Solution Architect

Amazon Web Services | 2011 - 2014

At Amazon Web Services I supported enterprise infrastructure partners as well as inventing and driving delivery of multiple AWS services. Delivered solutions that on-boarded multiple hyper-scale customers.

  • Inventor of the AWS Storage Gateway Virtual Tape Backup to the Cloud product. Allows customers to migrate their backups to the cloud without changing their existing on-premises backup tooling. Currently supported by every major backup software vendor.

  • Inventor of a failure resistant method for the reliable execution of a scheduled task. Available to customers as the Scheduled Tasks feature of the Amazon Elastic Container Service.

  • Inventor of a WORM style interface to S3. Available to customers as the Object Lock feature. Used by customers with regulatory requirements for record retention; pharmaceutical (FDA), financial (SEC), legal holds, etc.

  • Worked hands on with Splunk to deliver Splunk Cloud on AWS

  • Evangelized what has become the NetApp ONTAP on AWS product within NetApp, met and convinced senior NetApp and AWS leadership on the value of both the partnership and product. Worked with NetApp product teams to deliver the solution.

  • Worked across multiple teams and organizations to deliver Zadara Storage on AWS

Senior Systems Engineer

Gluster | 2010 - 2011

At Gluster I had the opportunity to participate in every facet of the business through the RedHat acquisition. I had pre and post sales responsibilities, product implementation and support tasks, I worked closely with the Gluster OSS community and our product development team. I was instrumental in the development and marketing of the GlusterFS Amazon AMI, the only distributed filesystem supported in EC2. I worked closely with AWS engineering, partner management, and sales departments to build and promote the AMI. I routinely presented webinars with several hundred participants, followed up and directed qualified prospects to sales. I wrote and maintained public facing documentation and was an active participant with the Gluster community.

Professional Services Engineer

4Base Technology | 2007 - 2010

As a contract implementation engineer I implemented Cisco, Brocade, NetApp, and EMC based solutions for large enterprise customers. Those solutions included complex iSCSI fabrics, hybrid FC/iSCSI fabrics, local and long distance replication using SRDF, MirrorView, SnapMirror. I delivered advanced backup solutions using Netbackup, Commvault, and Data Domain. I implemented and help troubleshoot Symantec Storage Foundation (VxFS) for Oracle implementations, Cisco and Brocade FCIP bridges, and software solutions from EMC and NetApp.

Professional Services Engineer

Kovarus | 2004 - 2007

At Kovarus I was a pre-sales engineer with some post-sales implementation responsibilities. Working with customers, manufacturers, and sales teams I architected and designed solutions using EMC, NetApp, Cisco, Brocade, SUN, IBM, Data Domain and other manufacturers. I worked with customers to calculate ROI and TCO figures for various solutions, I wrote and delivered documentation and run docs when required. I designed and implemented several 2000+ port FC fabrics using Cisco MDS. I also designed and implemented several Cisco WAAS solutions. I worked with Wells Fargo, NetApp, Gilead, Cornerstone Research, Texas-Pacific Group, Silicon Valley Bank, and many other local companies.